Social Inequality & The Politics of Representation:

A Global Landscape


In a global landscape, the representational practices through which inequalities gain meaning are central- both within and across national boundaries. The collection de-centers North American/European paradigms by placing scholarship from countries around the globe on equal footing.

Readers will find a variety of analytical styles including frame analysis, semiotics, poststructural discourse analysis, critical discourse studies, and conversation analysis. Each chapter provides an overview of relevant cultural and historical contexts for an international audience as well as a brief introduction to relevant methodological and theoretical frameworks.

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"If anyone ever doubted the power of language to make the most egregious inequalities acceptable, natural, even ordinary, then they should read Pascale’s magisterial book, whose fascinating case studies cover the globe.  She projects the politics of representation as a critical field that cuts across disciplines and defines new, exciting directions for Sociology."
Michael Burawoy, University Professor, University of California, Berkeley, and President of the International Sociology Association.
"This splendid collection will give English-language readers vivid pictures of the way inequalities work across difference continents, cultures and situations. This is the kind of scholarship we urgently need to transform our knowledge, and help transform our world."
Raewyn Connell, University Professor, Sydney University
"The book makes substantial contributions to the fields of Sociology and Cultural Studies and broadly in the domain of theoretically informed empirical research."
Anirban Das, Fellow in Cultural Studies at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta